Analysis Of Social Inequality In The Film Good Will Hunting

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Introduction Social inequality means the unequal distribution of income, unequal access to education, opportunity, wealth and power in a society. It goes hand in hand with the social stratification. It is feature is the exist the inequality of opportunities and rewards for different social statuses within a group or society. There are two points to measure social inequality is including the inequality of conditions and the opportunities for each people. Inequality of conditions means the unequal distribution of income such as job income, wealth, and resources, etc. Inequality of opportunities means the unequal distribution of life chances such as education, find the better job, etc. (Ashley Crossman, 2017). There are some social inequalities revealed in the movie “Good Will Hunting” such as inequality in education, inequality of opportunities unequal distribution of resource, wealth and power which lead to poverty and social stratification. I will analyze these aspects by using functionalist perspective and conflict perspective in this paper and identify similar situations in Hong Kong.

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The children learned basic norms and values from the parents. The parents supply the economic needs for the child such as foods and education (ResviseSociology, 2014). In a family, different person performs different role and function such as a mother should take care of her child. The important is the child can feel the love and support from their parents (Gordon, 1997). Family dysfunction may appear in broken families, violent families and divorced families, etc. The members come from these families always being labeled as victims and people will show their compassion and “love” for them (SerenitySeekers,

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