Child Poverty In The United States Essay

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Child Poverty in the U.S About nine months after conception, newborns come out of the wombs and come to the world. The newborns must be the most beautiful gift the mothers have ever received. It is always moved that the mothers finally see their babies after have waited for long time. The newborns start their new journey in the world. Meanwhile, the babies will embody tomorrow’s world. One day these babies will become the hard core of the human society. Parents expect their children be healthy and get good education. They wish their children can be successful in the future. Most parent are willing to spend much time and money on their children. They buy healthy food and pay for their high-quality education. The United States is one of the richest …show more content…

A single parent have to take all the responsibility to raise children. They have to work hard in order to get enough money for the whole family. It is truly stressful for these families. The kind of family type is unstable as a result of divorce of coupled parents and the death of parents. The women who get pregnant by accident can also become single parents. Children under six years old need a large amount of care cost. Many poor single parents spends about half of their annual income on child care. A report measured by the Census for 2015 shows 31 percent of children with single mothers live in poverty, when 16 percent of children with single dads live in poverty (). It show single-mom families are more likely to be poor than single-dad families. Racism is one of the most serious social problems in the U.S. Because of racial inequality, many color children live in poverty. Today, about 30 percent families in the U.S. are families with color. The black population is about 14 percent of the U.S population. Nearly 1 in 3 black children live in families with low income under the poverty level, when non-Hispanic has the lowest child poverty rate which is 10 percent. Some parents of color have face income inequality due to racial inequality. They earn less money doing the same jobs than the others. Many colored people are treated unequally when they apply for jobs. As a result, many colored parents do not have jobs

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