Essay On African American Education

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Why can’t everyone just be equal? Everyone never wants any conflicts or bad things to happen, so why are people still comparing black people to white people? They get compared on their jobs, their knowledge, and their capability of doing things. We all know white people have an easier life than black people, and if someone does not realize it, they clearly do not read about things in the news or live in a diverse area. People do not realize that blacks have an extremely hard life, unless the black person is a marvelous athlete. Black people are struggling in their lives because they are getting a lack of education. They can’t afford a house and provide the needs for their family. People will then ask themselves why don’t blacks get a job to …show more content…

I feel like once every African American gets the same education as every white person, racism may come to an end. While African Americans were slaves, their education was limited. Some slave owners allowed their slaves to have education and some prohibited them to have an education. From my point of view, I still think that is how America is today. African Americans are allowed to have an education, but in some areas they do not get the proper education they need. According to Lindsey Cook, blacks are at a different starting line than whites (Cook, 2015). Black parents, most of whom are less educated than their white counterparts, do not expect their children to attain as much education as white parents (Cook, 2015). Black children seem to get less education than white children when they are younger. 91 percent of white children aged 3 to 5 who were enrolled in kindergarten were read to by family members three or more times per week, 78 percent were read to with the same frequency (Cook, 2015). Cook also says black parents may have less access to materials, less time because of a job and family obligations, or feel less comfortable reading (Cook, 2015). Black parents are more likely to have two, lousy paying jobs instead of one well paid job. Black parents have to work twice as hard as white parents just to be able to keep their jobs and be able to support their family. As Cook said, black parents might not have the material to teach

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