Black History In Schools Essay

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How much of American history do you know? Black history is a part of America’s history, but why is it not deeply taught in schools? In schools we often talk about white American leaders or wars America has won, but not much history of other cultures in America. We may hear a little information about certain minority leaders who fought for a change, but not much facts. If today’s youth aren’t being taught about the thing’s their ancestors have gone through and all the things that has happened and why, many will grow up ignorant. Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, these are only a few people mentioned in class, but what about Claudette Colvin who nine months before Rosa Parks, decided not to get off the bus and was taken to jail, or Emmett Till who was 14 and brutally beaten and killed for whistling at a white woman. These are only a few who are not mentioned in our history books or classrooms.
Students are taught mathematics, Science, World and American history because it is important. Black history is also important, it teaches the contribution African Americans have made in the past and continue making in the future. When students learn about black history in schools, they may go home and talk about it with their families. This may benefit society because it means race may be talked about more in families throughout America. Many …show more content…

In some ways, it can help put an end to racism, it shows the contributions African Americans have made throughout America’s history. These are beneficial things to students and can make schools a place where all children can feel valued, appreciated and safe. It is hard for students to learn in a place where they feel unvalued, unappreciated, and unsafe, their focus is outside of schools, but teaching black history may have a positive impact on students not just during black history month, but all year

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