How Did African Americans Resist Slavery

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During the early eighteenth century slavery was a common practice in the United States, which was used to justify forced labor of African Americans. African people were captured and forced to migrate from their homes and families in Africa to become slaves in America. While on the ship to America many of these African captives were chained up and stacked on top of each other without access to necessities. Such things that these people were deprived of was access to food, water, restrooms, showers or any sanitation. This lack of proper living conditions during the forced migration of Africans to America caused many on board the ships to get diseases or die. Once the remaining African captives reached America they were sold on the docks to slave owners and separated from their spouses, children, parents and other loved ones. After an African American was purchased they were no longer …show more content…

In some cases these African American slaves would be rapped, whipped and beaten regardless of the labor they provided. All of these cruel and unfair conditions caused African Americans to be discontent and begin to resist slavery in America. During the middle eighteenth century slaves began to runaway to find freedom or rebel against white slave owners. There are many ways in which African Americans showed agency and fought against slavery in the United States. However, one of the best example of African American resistance in the mid eighteen hundreds is the Nat Turner Rebellion that occurred in 1831. The Nat Turner slave rebellion was an important milestone for African American history for many reasons, but the primary reasons are it caused other African Americans to resist slavery, it made white slave owners fear the repercussions of slavery and it was one of the causes that eventually lead Virginia to

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