Essay On Income Disparity Among African Americans

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According to the 2011 ACS, (Automated Collection System), the median household income of Dane County’s African American families was $20,664, less than 1/3 the median income enjoyed by White families ($63,673). These statistics showed the problem of income disparity between black and white families. This income disparity might have negative impact in all domain of the black population life such as education, healthcare, etc.….
Years ago, United States (U.S.) Public School was one of the best places that gave opportunities to children from different background and race to come together and be educated. However, with the occurrence of income inequality among Americans, the education system has changed profoundly in the way that today there is …show more content…

Public school funding in America comes from federal, States and local sources, however the majority of those fund comes from local sources, meanly property taxes. The American system creates enormous funding differences between rich and poor community. Richer communities not only have larger property tax bases, but many have higher tax rates. Compare to poor communities with low property taxes bases and low tax rates. When the location and property value influence the allocation of the school fund, it is clear that students living in neighborhoods with least property values will be denied access to the quality of education offered to students living in communities with greater property values. As a result, we had in 2011 nearly half (48.1%) of all Dane County’s Black third graders failed to meet proficiency standards in reading, compared to 10.9% of White third graders. In other words, Dane County Black third graders were 4.4 times more likely NOT to be proficient in reading than their White peers. In other words, because of this large difference between rich and poor property taxes payment, rich communities receive more school funding and give great opportunities to their children to have higher quality education than poor communities. In “School funding inequality makes education separate and unequal”, Klein Rebecca (2015)

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