Dual Language School Observation

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My observation four was conducted at the same location as my previous observations, at Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy in Pasadena California. I found it difficult to make objective observations since getting to know my students more. The question I took with me into this observation came from our class agenda the week of October 18th, the question that I based my observation was “ does treating all children fairly mean treating them the same?”. It was nice to see how the teacher took notes on each child during the day to report to parents at a later time concerning the progress their child has been making behaviorally and academically.

This observation allowed me to really process if the above question was to be true or false. Even-though my objective opinion would say treating children the same is to treat them fairly, my conscious would argue the opposite. Some children must receive individualized attention at different points …show more content…

The student population has grown in Latino students by nearly half. I asked some of the children how long they had been with this school and 80% of them have matriculated from kindergarten to now. The theoretical approach being a dual language school expects students to be at least 80% proficient in Spanish by the time they finish the elementary program and proceed to middle school/ sixth grade. Although this school has become predominately Latino the education standards of learning Spanish is expected by all pupil that is to matriculate through this academic programs. With that in mind, facilitating a way for parents to increase their knowledge of community resources will aid them in the qualities it takes to groom a well-rounded child. Parents are children s' main teammate, and I believe parents can work best in groups of people who can relate to the hardships and troubles parents often

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