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Suzuki 3 Ami Suzuki Sherry Sharifian Government 2306 11 February 2018 Texas State Senate District 16 According to Who Represents Me?, the district with my address and ZIP code belongs to the Texas State Senate District 16. 1 This district is represented by Senator Don Huffines. Huffines is affiliated with the Republic Party of Texas, and he has served as a Senator since the 84th Legislature in 2015. His family began as farmers in Texas. Since the generation of His grandparents, he and his family have succeeded as businessmen in the DFW area. Huffines serves as Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee, on the Senate Intergovernmental Relations, Education, Administration, and Natural Resource and Economic …show more content…

The Senate of Texas shows the 2010-2014 estimates of Texas State Senate District 16 in categories of population, age, education, employment, and election. 2 First, the total population of District 16 is 846,307. 20 % of the population moved into the district in the past twelve months. This fact shows that the area is growing, and it predicts a prosperous population in the future. The larger population is 18 to 64 years old and the total is 557,140. The percentage of this group is greater than the state’s percentage. This explains that many people who can be counted as a workforce live in this district. However, the population under seventeen years is 24.3 %, and it predicts a little lower rate of future workforce in proportion. Having 38.6 % of people who have a second language is the …show more content…

First, it will be difficult to maintain children’s academic levels because this district has a diverse community. Strengthening bilingual education by including other language than Spanish and also offering free tutoring service or assistance could be an effective way to solve the issue. Second, for business owners prosper in this area, we need to create and maintain a better environment and support. Economic growth could also affect job opportunities for residents regardless of their education levels. Last, the balance between the large population of highly educated wealthy residents and other population would be important. Although educated and wealthy residents directly bring economic interests to the district, the policies should not focus on only

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