Texas Constitution Research Paper

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Introduction: The constitutions of the US and Texas are tied to political culture and fundamentally influence politics. Political culture fundamentally influences by broadly shared values, beliefs, and attitudes about how the government should work and politics should operate. The American political culture highlights the values liberty, equality, and democracy. Political cultures in the U.S have an effect on how people participate in politics and how individuals and institutions interact. According to chapter 1 on the textbook Daniel Elazar established a scheme for the state political culture. The concepts of political cultures that Daniel Elazar uses are moralistic, individualistic, and traditionalistic. Constitutional influence is systematic …show more content…

Each state has its own different constitution. The state constitution performs a number of important functions. The Texas constitution was established in 1876.The Texas constitution has some differences and some similarities. Both the whole U.S constitution and Texas constitution both were drafted as wealthy, predominantly-white ,and well-educated land owners. The U.S and Texas constitution both provide the separation of powers within the government and checks and balances within between government entitles. The idea of checks of balances reflects a common concern between among the farmers of the U.S constitution and the authors of the Texas’s various constitution that intent writing a constitution was not just to establish effective governing …show more content…

Rational behavior is not easy to achieve but it is possible. According to Charles Elder and Roger Cobb, “Rationality implies that political actions and evaluations are the product of consistent preferences, logical analysis, and abundant [unbiased] information. Irrationality, on the other hand presupposes that political actions and reactions are based on emotional impulses and blind prejudices that defy logic and that are insensitive to fact.” Elder and Cobb both compared the understanding of rational behavior and irrational behavior. Human beings are basically non-rational people. There are problems that can solve by the government involvement. The culture helped us understand problems and how to deal with them. When people try to deal with problems, they use the method of Elder and

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