Apush Dahl Summary

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When Dahl first begins the book, on the very first page, he talks about a key point everyone should know. The democratic form of government would not have worked, so a republic form of government was much needed. The whole ideal of the the Democratic Party is that that do care about how much money someone has, religion they follow, and arms. The often tend to help minorities, as well as groups that that are unpopular. Republicans on the other hand focus more on helping defensive issues, gaining profit, bringing more money for military, and fully support the police force. Things such as high government workforce, unions, gays/lesbians, illegal alliances, as well as poor people are all seen as negative impacts on the wellbeing of our society in the eyes of republicans. Now looking back at the original 13 colonies that first settled the US, in my opinion, Dahl was correct when he made the claim that a democratic form of government would not work at all. When attempting to start their own country, starting it off as a republican country was absolutely needed …show more content…

Here enters the idea of amendments. These flaws threatened but also aided the readiness for democracy in the United States. The constitution still allowed slavery, it founded what we now know as the electoral college, protects the president from popular majority, gave state legislatures more power, gave congress more power than any other democratic colony, and didn’t limit the judicial branch. Now when they created this constitution, they didn’t realize at the time that some problems would come with it, but in realty, these flaws help make the constitution stronger. As problems arise within certain aspects of the constitution, the farmers made it so that amendments could be made in order to fix whatever needed fixing. When the farmers thought about allowing amendments to the constitution, I don’t think that they created this

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