Importance Of The 14th Amendment

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A huge part of our nation’s rights and power are mostly expressed in the constitution created by our Founding Fathers. The constitution is a core aspect of the government because it has built foundations for our citizens and nation’s leaders to follow. The constitutions consist of amendments such as the bill of rights which includes the first ten amendments. Since the constitution is such an important factor of our government today, it is important to have a secure and difficult amendment process to be sure that each amendment has a purpose and help establish a stable government. The amendment process involves having both the houses of Congress and the states vote. The houses of Congress requires a ⅔ vote and the states require a ¾ vote. As of today, Congress have only ratified 17 amendments and each amendment has impacted the American society economically, socially, and politically. The 14th amendment was adopted on July 9, 1868, which is one year after the civil war ended. The purpose of the civil war was to end slavery and at the end of the war when the slaves were free, Congress implemented an amendment that helped the African American slaves become citizens of the united states. The purpose of the 14th amendment is to provide citizenship to people born in the United State and allow people to become citizens. This helped freed slaves acquire citizenships under the 14th amendment giving them the rights and freedom in the United States. According to America 's library,

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