Mexican American Child Abuse Case Study

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In what ways do Mexican Americans and Asian Americans share similar parenting challenges? One of the biggest dilemmas that they face is the redirection of familistic living. Asian and Mexican Americans have traditionally lived in homes with generational members all under one roof. Family members did not live in separate homes neither did they practice “living the nest” manners as native Americans do. Children are encouraged to live at home until they found a spouse and were ready to marry. And even then, mother and father in-laws lived with the newly weds and sustain a household compromise of many generations with traditional cultural norms. Distinguish between child abuse and child neglect. Give an example of each. Child abuse is harm done by a guardian or parent to cause intentional harm using excessive physical or verbal violence to a minor. This type of abuse includes whooping a child, kicking, punching, and any other harmful hand-to-body inflictions performed by an adult. Whereas in child neglect, some adults …show more content…

Explain this statement. What appears to be the effects on children when both partners work outside the home? What can parents do in order to be sure they do not shortchange their children There’s no typical family as nuclear families as in the past and not everyone lives in a multigenerational household. Same-sex families are also on the rise as sexual ambiguity is undergoing its own wave of acceptance in all political, social, and economic spheres. With the absence of the parents’ presence in the home due to an inability effectively balance work and home life, children could develop an emotional void/absence. Good communicative dialogue between children and their parents where the adults describe their work situation as it relates to the home to create resilient children, could possibly benefit the household. The text describes eldercare as a "family process." Explain this

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