Hispanic Parent Interview Essay

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In this practicum I will narrate an interview that was done with a Hispanic parent. I will describe her and her family structure. I will also elaborate on her involvements in her children academics, and teacher parent relationship. Also better ways to encourage parents to get involved in their children education will be added, and how teachers can assist with making the parents feel welcomed inside of the classroom. On Monday November 14, I asked a parent at a childcare center would they mind having a thirty-minute interview with Ms. Key, concerning their child’s education and parent teacher partnership. She agreed and said the best day would be Wednesday because she don’t go to her other job. On Wednesday November 16,2016 an interview was done at a daycare center in Durham NC called …show more content…

She felt parent involvement is needed however, due to parents working schedules, this could be hard. Once we concluded the interview I thought of better ways the daycare and school could involve parents. Since the holidays are coming up the teachers and office staff can create an art exhibit to display children’s art work. This can be done after hours and a light refreshment could be served. However, any school event that includes parents have to be done and announced prior to the event. Therefore, emails, newsletters, sign-up sheets, or phone call reminders can be given a month in advance. (Scully, Barbour, & King, 2015) A great tool teachers can use to assist the parents with academic involvement is to always have an open door policy. Teachers should encourage all parents to volunteer or advocate for all students. Reminding parents that fifteen minutes you spent with your child or someone else’s might change the child’s outlook on their education. Finally encourage parents to ask question if they don’t understand, and find out ways to better help them understand their child’s

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