Familism In Latino Families

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The Latino lifestyle creates a strong bond together, and most the time are all closely together. The positive side was well explained and described in the book. For example, whenever there is a need of an advice or counsel, a Latino would go to the family and ask them according to their experiences, an explanation on how they handled their issues. In addition, Schaefer said that most Latinos use their family as resources to support them throughout their lifetime (2014). Unfortunately, a negative factor that comes with familism is turning down opportunities, in order to not get separated from the family (Schaefer, 2014). • Research the web for information on familism. Does familism promote psychological well-being? Do men or women benefit …show more content…

Moreover, this is because, “women are more likely to have a relational orientation than men” (Campos, Aquilera, Ullman, & Schetter, 2014, p. 192). Women are usually the ones that maintain the family bonds and benefit more of the closeness and support from the family. Nevertheless, women still feel more compromised of keeping the bond, and if an issue surges they are more likely to stress due to the conflict (Campos, Aquilera, Ullman, & Schetter, 2014). • Around the world, it appears familism is coming to an end. What are the economic, political and cultural implications of the changes underway in the traditional family unit? Regrettably, the diminishing of familism has brought economic, political, and cultural implications. An implication is because of the vast number of elders in the community and the need for the government to support them financially (Kotkin, 2012). This has created the government to raise taxes, affecting the community as whole. Additionally, with reproduction decreasing, there will not be enough of a new generation to continue taking care of the previous (Kotkin, 2012). • What are your experiences with family? Are you familiar with the concept of familism? How do you personally feel about extended family and how it affects family life and

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