Childhood Observation

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On August 27th, 2011 it was cold and windy outside, for my first day of first grade was only minutes away. I was experiencing one immense fear of spiders at the time, whenever I saw one I screamed and ran away. Since my backyard is a prairie, I have seen spiders many times. Large, hairy, and disgusting basically defines spiders. Happily and excitedly I leaped off the bus, ready for my first day at McDole Elementary School, and when I entered room 132, I was greeted by my teacher. "Hi Jenna, I'm Mrs. Bright," she happily greeted me. "Hi!", I replied cheerfully. I discovered my bright pink name tag on a desk. On the way to my desk, I tripped over a chair and plopped onto the floor, I quickly jumped back up and seated myself. The buzzing of the lights as they turned on filled my ears with buzzing sounds. …show more content…

"Yes," everyone announced. The walls looked like a ton of white bricks stuck together. The next thing that was on the agenda was taking a tour around the room. We all walked around the room and she told us what and where everything was. Kind of like a tour at the zoo. Once we had finished the tour we realized we had to begin learning. Our class started with the first subject of the day, math. I looked on the big white board and written in pink marker said: Addition and Subtraction. I know how to add and subtract I confidently thought to myself. Far into our math lesson Mrs. Bright began screeching. We all jumped up in our chairs. Our eyes were all focused on

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