Sonny Ropp Narrative

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Sonny Ropp It was Sonny Ropp’s first day of school. She was entered in the Bronx school system three weeks before prom. Inside, her stomach was being an attacked by butterflies. The butterflies were doing the heimlich, trying to make her throw up. Her cheeks were screaming in pain from her face being frozen by fear. She entered her class. Her books clutched as if that was her life support. The room felt ice cold. She wanted that nice warm jacket sitting in her locker. Goose bumps settled all over her arms. She sat down at the back of the class hoping to be unseen by the rest of the class. A guy sat down next to her. He smiled and said, “You must be new here.” “Yeah,” She said nervously. Her mouth had barely opened when she said that. Her …show more content…

Liz quickly pulled out her phone. Her hands shaking so fast she could barely hit the buttons on the phone to call the police. It would take the police a couple of minutes to get there. Liz ran over towards Baily. She had to save her sister. “Sonny!” Baily yelled. Liz ran faster. She reached her parents and Baily. “Leave her alone!” Liz told her parents as she skidded to a halt. Liz’s parents laughed at her. She felt like the stupid little girl that had asked something beyond dumb. She had to get them out of the school. She looked them in the eyes. “Can we do this outside?” They went out. Baily had managed to move over to Liz. She took Baily in her arms. “Why do you even want us?” she asked. Their terrifying looks burning into them. “Because you’re ours!” their mom yelled. The sirens were blaring and the cars were coming into focus. Liz picked up Baily and ran around the corner of the school. Her parents yelling and chasing after her. the cars started to park, and people were making their way toward them. She ducked into the bushes on the side of the school. Time ticked by like a sloth. Three shots went off. Afterwards Josh came running outside to find them calling Sonny’s name. Liz picked up Baily again and ran over to Josh. He took her in

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