Short Story: The Child Of Broken Law

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My throat didn't feel right since the night I had a drink with Fay. The truth was, I wasn't a drinker like Fay. I couldn't drink alcohol. I was trying to be cool in front of him so he wouldn't underestimate me or bully me. I knew I wasn't being myself (usually I'd show my weakness to people though they'd use it to crush me) and I was pretty sure Reth would think the same. Or maybe she would hate me for drinking alcohol. My mom had once educated us about alcohols and drugs. She told us not to consume them. We both promised and yesterday I had just broken the promise. And Reth was a girl who was serious about promises. Her hating me was one of my fear. I meant it. I sat up, unable to be sleep when my mind was thinking about such things.…show more content…
I still remembered how frightening it was to be skinned by her. I took another bite. "So, what's the first line?" Laura lifted the paper. "Um, A child of the broken law shall present her feet on the new beginning. A child of broken law. Is that you? Because my parent never did something that went through the law." "Neither my parent," I said. Suddenly an image of my parent when they were together got into my mind. Ah, this moment was annoying. I had to hold my tears and my broken heart. "It might be Katherine's. You know, her parent's marriage was illegal. Different tribes are forbidden." "Whoa, that sucks," I commented. "But she wouldn't be here and you too if their parent weren't brave enough to take the risk, right?" She nodded sadly. I had to change the topic. "Alan's a child of broken law too. You know, magicians in my country are forbidden," I said. "So there are two possibilities," Laura said as she stared at the paper. "But who might this child be?" I peered at the paper. "Wait, it says present her feet. It's her! So it might be Katherine!" Laura reread the paper carefully. She nodded in agreement. "Well, but what's the meaning of present her feet on the new…show more content…
"I don't know. Maybe she would discover something new?" "But it doesn't mean new beginning," she said. "New might be like something that had been discovered before but forgotten and later you discover it again. I assume you'll say you have just discovered something new, right?" "Maybe. But long ago someone might have noted the discovery and when I discover it again someone else might say it's been discovered before so it's not new," I replied. "Yeah, but just think if it were discovered in a time where people didn't know how to write." "They'd draw it on the stone," I attacked again. "You know, a big stone and once they found something they'd draw on it." She went quite for a moment. Maybe she was consuming all of my thoughts. It had been a long time since I had my last debate with my mom. I had never won a debate before so I felt awkward when I could silent a smart girl... no, a professor. She looked up. "You might be true. So new here might not mean discovering something new." I took the paper and read the second line aloud. "A child of the burnt shall be united." "Burnt here could be meant a kid from fire tribe or their parent died in fire." She tapped her head rhythmically. "Ezra's from the fire

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