Personal Narrative: Middle School

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Everyone has had someone close pass away. Well in my case, it was my best friend Ethan. He pass away in 2013 from a mistake by the doctor.I know that he always wanted me happy, but that wasn’t always the case when he first was gone. let me tell you about our mind boggling years with Ethan. Well now it’s 2012 and I’m still in class. I wonder when school is going to end so I can go home. As I looking at Mrs.Perry my eyes are slowly shutting. Math has never been my best subject and definitely not the most interesting. I am about to collapse as soon as a bright green tennis ball hits the window, but it wasn’t as loud as I thought. Although it’s loud enough to wake me up. I jerked straight up in my desk and looked at the window to see what happens. We see the middle schoolers waving their hands viciously for us to come outside. I never thought I would get out of this class.
“ I guess we can go play math kickball.” Mrs. perry said in a disappointed matter.
Everyone wasn’t disappointed, but her all because she didn’t finish her lesson. Me and my classmates rushed outside from the east door of the building. We started playing with the seventh and eighth graders to start off with. …show more content…

I lined up to the base and looked at my friend who is a seventh grader wrestler to roll the ball. I knew it was going to be hard to kick his ball. He rolled it with perfect accuracy as I took my stance and prepared to kick with all my might. I kicked it right to second base unfortunately. I bolted to first base hoping there would be a chance I got there before the ball did. Except as I was running hearing the cheering or my teachers I realized that everything felt like slow motion. I slid into first base as the first basemen tried to catch the ball. I sat down in disbelief as this middle schooler held out his hand offering to help me up. Of course I let him help me. once I got up I looked

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