Personal Narrative-America's Pastime

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Baseball is what many call “America’s Pastime”. It is the game that never fails to bring me from the highest highs to the lowest lows. The second that you think you are the best, the game will humble you. When you are at a loss for confidence, you will do something amazing that will turn your game around. Nothing beats the smell of the spring air, the dirty pants, the laughs with teammates and the glory of winning. There are many things that I love about the game of baseball but there’s nothing that I cherish more than the memories made and the life lessons I’ve learned through the trials that I’ve faced. At a young age I played the game just like any other kid would. I went out to the ballpark, spit some sunflower seeds, made jokes with my …show more content…

It was the middle of the season and I was hitting off a brand new pitching machine that my coach had just purchased. He dialed up the speed to 92 to see if any of us could hit off of it. It was in the indoor facility so I had just been wearing tennis shoes. I stepped in the box ready to hit and I was confident that I would be able to hit it. On the very first pitch I swung as hard as I could and the ball hit the bottom of my bat and went straight down to my foot. I immediately collapsed onto the ground and was in agonizing pain. This happens a lot to baseball players and it is one of the worst pains that you can experience playing the game. It’s happened to me many times before so I figured it would be just fine. I stood up and started walking and it hurt really bad to put pressure on it. I told my coach I was fine knowing that it was hurt pretty badly. I was hoping it was just a bruised bone. I went to the doctor to get an x-ray and the news was good! They told me that it was just a bruised bone so I continued to play despite the awful pain that my foot was in. I played for about 2 weeks fighting through the pain and didn’t preform how I wanted to because I was slow and couldn’t put a lot of pressure on my foot. I was in a major slump and couldn’t buy a hit due to the pain the swinging cause me. Eventually, I finally got a hit and as I was running to first base my foot hit a hole in the ground. The basepaths were all grass and it was really choppy. I immediately fell to the ground and was in a ton of pain. I knew my foot was broken. I knew I still had to get to first because it was an important game and we were down by one. II somehow managed to crawl to first base before they threw me out. As I was laying on the ground my coach came to me and yelled at me saying “that’s why you don’t lie to me about being in pain”. At the time I wanted to tell him to screw off but I kept my mouth shut. After a

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