Summary Of 45 Pounds By Ann Galardi

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In the book 45 Pounds, Ann Galardi is 16 and just trying to find a way to accept herself. She starts off by not accepting herself, to having an incentive, and by realizing that she is who she is.
In the beginning, her mom would always try and ¨help¨ her by buying her clothes that were smaller but Ann just got more upset. She said how by just look at them made her feel depressed about feeling how fat she has been. She went to her grandmas and was watching tv and something caught her eye. Ann states, ¨I 've seen a thousand fitness and weight loss infomercials, but this one hit home. Maybe I 'm tired of feeling like crap and ready to do something about it for real this time(pg20).¨ She signs up for Secrets 2 Success and sticks to her plan by …show more content…

For an incentive, her Aunt Jackie is getting married and wants Ann to be her bridesmaid. Ann said,¨If I am going to be a look good for Aunt Jackie 's wedding, I´ll need to lose forty-five pounds(pg47).¨ She starts by exercising with the videos that S2S supplied for her along with the food she received as well. She also starts by doing daily runs that a block each time. She looks at the scale every week and sees how she is losing weight. Ann may have slipped twice with eating junk food, but she realized how far she has come and kept going with what she was doing (S2S).
By the time of her aunt 's wedding, She loses 27 and a half pounds. She is proud of herself and the way she feels. In the end, she says.¨I forget about not fitting. A Snapz! Size three zips all the way up. And my friend couldn 't care less if it did. And while the shape of my family might not match other families-or even what I imagined it should be-some pretty amazing people make room for me, watch out for me, and love me(260).¨ She realizes that she can accept herself for who she is and what she looks like. She feels more confident in what she does and what she wears. Ann has finally come to the stage of acceptance.
Ann has done so much to try and look better for everyone else she never really thought about doing it for herself. Ann Galardi has started from not accepting herself, to having an incentive, to feeling more accepted by everyone else but to herself

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