Personal Narrative: My Graduation From High School

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After three and a half years, the day had finally come. It was the day that I had been looking forward to since graduating from high school. And it was the thought of the day that kept me going when it seemed far away. When the stressful days of projects, internships, essays, and assignments became overwhelming, I was able to catch a glimpse of the day that would lead me into the future. That day would not only escort me into a promising future, but would allow me to reflect on my accomplishments and show appreciation to my support team that had brought me there. Equally full of joy, excitement, and nerves, I could not wait to walk across that stage. I had been asked to speak at graduation, which left me feeling extremely nervous and honored. Arriving early, I walked across the parking lot with my silky black cap and gown neatly folded over my arm. I looked up at the crystal blue sky and realized that today was the day that my life would be forever changed. Taking a deep breath before entering the gym, I took a moment to look around the …show more content…

Graduates proudly found their seats with beaming smiles, our excitement filled the air with electricity. The crowd began to quiet down once all of the graduates had fallen into their rows and sat together all at once, just as we had practiced. As President Bolt addressed us, all that I could feel was a surrealness as my heartbeat quickened and my mind began to twirl like a top. My ears were deafened to the welcoming speech, while I concentrated on steadying my thoughts, breathing, and racing heart. Sitting beside me was Skye and Lorenzo, both student speakers. We gave each other encouraging smiles as we each prepared to share our messages with the class of 2017. Upon hearing my cue, I slowly rose to my feet, took a deep breath, swallowed my fears, and stepped up to

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