Personal Narrative: Devil Pups

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After a three-hour bus ride, surrounded by strangers, I arrived at Camp Pendleton. As I stepped off the bus immediately trapped by three drill instructors screaming in my face, I knew I had made a grave mistake. My experiences at Camp Pendleton’s Devil Pups were some of the most challenging, yet rewarding life skills I have encountered. Upon arrival, I felt as though I didn’t belong, lacking the discipline, purpose, and physical strength that many of my peers had. However, Devil Pups taught me the value of perseverance and, as a result, has contributed to my transformation into the person I am today. Devil Pups’ mission is to instill patriotic values in young teenagers through hardship and challenges, both mental and physical, promoting teamwork and camaraderie. Over the ten-day program, we completed an array of challenges such as the 35ft jump into a pool, 5.5-mile beach run, obstacle courses, and an 800-meter hike. Of these obstacles, I found the beach run to be most difficult. A tall slender kid …show more content…

It has taught me that to achieve success in any endeavor requires failure, but that is the beauty of the process. As a rising Junior, I am well aware of the challenges I will face in the future, particularly in college; such as the demanding academics and the array of distractions. My aspiration to join the medical field introduces its own obstacles. The rigorous academics and constant pressure to succeed can hinder one’s ability to thrive in an ambitious field. However, Devil Pups has given me the initiative required for such undertakings. Despite the challenges college proposes, I know any obstacle can be overcome with dedication and hard work. This type of mindset is vital in garnering any amount of success, especially in a highly competitive environment. Because of Devil Pups, I know that I can do anything in life no matter the

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