Tim O Brien Character Analysis

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Soldiers who fought in wars throughout the years are viewed as heroes in their countries eyes. Nobody actually knows what the soldiers have to go through mentally and physically. Nobody knows about the traumatic experiences and different emotions these young and women had to go through. In Tim O 'Brien 's Book “ The Things They Carried”, he shares multiple stories about different characters experiences. Tim O’Brien showed how the war can affect different characters from changing their personality or having guilt for the rest of their lives. The vietnam war had a different effect on different characters, some of those characters had a personality change. Mary Anne was a women who came in the war and reminded the male soldiers of the …show more content…

Tim O 'Brien told stories about what other soldiers had to face during the war,but he also talked about how the war affected him. . Tim O’Brien was a young man who had his whole life planned before the vietnam war. When Tim O 'brien killed a man well he was in the war. Tim talks about the person he had killed “ He was not a fighter. His health was poor, his body small and frail.”(O’Brien 119). O 'Brien displayed that there were other people so also didn 't want to be on the war. O 'Brien showed how the war can bring the same guilt and sadness to person many years after the war. The war caused him to be very disappointed and depressed for what he had done. Tim O’Brien wasn 't the only person living with guilt from the war. Lieutenant Cross was responsible for the men in his troops.He was very distracted by a woman named Martha. Lieutenant Cross distractions cause someone to be killed. Tim speaks about the lieutenant guilt “He felt shame.He hated himself. He loved Martha more than his men,and as a consequence lavender was now dead”(O’Brien 19). Jimmy Cross had a lot of guilt because of what happened to lavender. He choose a girl over his own troops, the men he was supposed to protect. O 'Brien showed the mental break down the soldier were having during the war. He showed how the war is a moment where if you make one mistake or do something wrong you can have guilt for the

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