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During the Vietnam War, Tim has also seen some people having no morals and some people want revenge. Not all solider who fought in the Vietnam War from America is innocent. Correspondingly, not all deaths are innocent, and people die without doing wanton things: to Tim, the world is unfair. In Vietnam, Tim realizes how horrible can people get from hanging around with Azar. Azar is guilty, however, he is still a savage; he took Lavender’s adopted puppy and strapped it onto explosives. He blew it into pieces. People shook their head at Azar; Azar just smile and say: “I mean Christ, I’m just a boy”. He always uses that lame excuse. However, vengeance will cause people to lose control, accordingly to Tim. (O’Brien 39-40). Tim saw Kiley went out of control after Lemon die; he wants revenge. On the path, he saw a water buffalo and he just raises his assault rifle and empty a whole magazine of ammunition on …show more content…

Everyone carried at least something with them such as: burdens, ghosts, cruel images, and unscrupulous experiences. (“The Things They Carried” Critical Survey of Short Fiction 1790-1793). In Tim’s novel, They Things They Carried, he carried courage, innocent, guilt, and love: those were his personal memories. Nonetheless, in the novel, it seems like every veteran carries griefs and experiences. Each person will have different griefs: to Tim, his griefs will be dead of his friends, Lavender and Kiowa. He lost his friends to the war: it causes him deep sorrow. Tim also carried experiences in Vietnam at the village of Than Khe and the poop field. Those were the places where his friends died: it brings back miserable memories. (Little, Innocence). He carried those memory back home; he felt like a coward when he cannot save his friends from dying. He wants forgiveness from the people he killed especially the man he blows up; he felt bad for everyone that died in the Vietnam

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