Explain Why I Want To Be In The National Guard

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After graduation I want to be in the National Guard and do tattoos on the side. National Guard will be my main job because it pay more and I will only work two day out the month. And I want to do tattoos because I love to draw a lot. I feel that I will be job at both. Tattoos will just be fun and bring little money in. For me to be in the National Guard I have to take a test. On that test the better I do the more jobs that are open for me. Most of that test is Math so I have to study more. Then when I get the job have to do what I need to do to get this money. For me to do I have to know the basic math. Like how long the tattoo need to be and how big. I have to know the right measurement too. Then other than that I have to know how to count
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