Reflective Essay: Why Am I Volunteer At The VA

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Volunteering at the VA is one of the best choices that I have ever made. I have met so many amazing people and have learned many new things by giving back to our veterans. My transition from just starting to now has been a great one and I am grateful for all the people who helped get me here. Volunteering here has taught me more people skills, how to work together with others, and how good it felt to help others. It has now been over a year since I first became a student volunteer with the VA. I started in the second semester of 8th grade and have been going on Mondays ever since. Before my friend Tessa and her mom told me about it, I had never even heard of the VA. I have always respected what veterans have done for our country but I had no relations with the military. Back then I couldn't tell I couldn't tell you anything about the military.…show more content…
I would come in, set up, and say the occasional “Hi”. Although I loved the people I volunteered with I wasn't getting anything out of being there. That all changed when I learn how to play Spades. Tessa had tried to teach me before but it just couldn't get it. One day when we were short a player they asked me to join. Reluctantly I said yes and they showed me how. I was partnered with a vet and he showed me how to play. Initially, he didn’t seem like the most friendly person, but he immediately opened up to me and showed me how to play. I was determined not to let him loose so I tried my best to remember what I had learned. We ended up winning and he was able to get a prize. I was happy we won but I was really happy to be involved for a change. Just to relax and have fun with the vets is what the evening activities are about and though it took me awhile to realize that, soon enough I really began enjoying volunteering. Especially because these vet struggle with drug and alcohol problems, having time to not think about those things and just enjoy themselves is very
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