Catman2 Observation Paper

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For my First Year Experience service project I went and volunteered at Catman2. Catman2 is a no kill cat shelter that helps cats that were strays and or abandoned on the streets. The shelter is a small two story house with about five rooms on the first floor, each with different kinds of cats. Caleb does have two sheds in the front also filled with cats. The sheds are filled with expensive priced cats as well as kittens. There is a disability room for those who have been hospitalized inside the shelter. Though, I really wanted to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, yet no one else signed up for that, so I went with my second choice. I chose Catman2 as my second choice because I like animals and I missed my pets at home. I went with Wes and Rylie, Brooke was in our group too but she dropped. At first, we had a hard time getting to talk to Caleb, the owner of Catman2. …show more content…

While doing this work I had the chance to get to know Rylie and Wes better. I did not know that Rylie and Wes were both in the marching band at their high school. Rylie listens to some 80s music and Wes likes to listen to Techno. I really enjoyed, and still do, volunteering at Catman2 with both Rylie and Wes. They are both hard workers and I am glad to be partnered with them. When this summer is done, I might go back and volunteer at the shelter during my time here at Western. The total experience (or what is so far) was not bad, yet the only thing I did not like from volunteering was the smell of cat urine seeping into my clothes, but petting the cats was fun. I only say maybe because I do not know what my future schedule looks like, but if I ever had the time then I will try. I am not making any promises nor any guarantees. There are other great options and opportunities to volunteer at other local organizations too, so I do not have to limit myself to only

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