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1. Refersal services for the homeless
a. What is provided, where, when and how, etc (basic summary)
b. There is a pre-orientation for homeless individuals a few times a month in order to alert them of the different housing services provided when they get out of jail. This orientation is done on each of the different floors of Horizon. Mrs. Takenya Flowers goes in and gives a short lecture along with a packet of information and forms to fill out for the inmates. In the different facilities, referral services are provided and inmates are made aware of what they can enter.
c. Case Management officer also provided one-on-one counseling in order to refer individuals to different programs.
2. “Pre-Release orientation classes where homeless inmates …show more content…

Orlando Union Rescue Mission Men’s Division (temporary)- is an emergency and transitional shelter where men can get high school education and can be provided with job training assistance. Is located on 410 W Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801 the phone number is 407-423-3596. Any men are qualified to stay there and can stay up to seven nights free and six dollars after the seventh night. Is a Christian based environment and a photo ID is required.
i. There is a sub branch for Family and Women and Children shelter located on 1521 W Washington St. Orlando, Florida. 32805. Telephone number is 407-321-4855
b. Coalition for the Homeless (Temporary)- allows homeless men to have a hot meal, shower and access to laundry facilities. Men sleep on the floors and can rent a locker to store personal belongings. There is a one dollar fee per night an ID is preferred but is not necessary. They are located on 639 West Central Boulevard.
c. Coalition for the homeless (Temporary) - Provides homeless women a place to have a hot meal, shower and access to laundry facilities. There are 40 beds and the location is. Their phone number is …show more content…

Anthony house (temporary) - Provides treatment, education, case management and rehabilitation services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Target population for the Anthony House is families and veterans. No designated length that an individuals can stay. Only stipulation is only till their stable. Total capacity is 41 individuals. Anthony House is located on 6215 Holly Street Zellwood, Florida 32798. The facilities phone number is 352-383-9242
h. Maxwell Gardens (permanent)- Is a permanent supportive housing for homeless single people, seniors, low-income individuals, homeless, veterans, people with disabilities and mental, physical or developmental disabilities and AIDS/HIV positive individuals. Is single room occupancy. The address is 4049 South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 32839. The facilities phone number is 407-447-1211.
i. Maxwell Terrace Apartments (permanent)- Accepts homeless single people, seniors, low-income people, veterans, people diagnosed with mental, developmental, or physical disabilities and AIDS/HIV. Low-income homeless single people with or without disabilities are encouraged to apply. The apartments take 18+ individuals. The address is 2803 West Arlington Street Orlando, Florida 32805. Phone number is

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