Fort Bend Women Center Observation

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The social work role utilized in Fort Bend women Center is advocating. Fort Bend women Centre advocates for victims. I did not witness any role, but some of the staff that worked with the agency was advocated by the agency. The social work skills I observed in this setting are case management skill, referral skill, and outreach and education skill. Evidence Generalist social work skills I observed in this setting are sheltering. They have homes where the clients rescued from domestic violence and sexual assault will stay until they are fully recovered. One of the values I observed demonstrated by the agency is bringing the clients to the penny wise resale store to select all the items they need such as clothing and shoe. The agency is a big organization that covered domestic, abusive, and sexually assaulted women in Fort Bend County. They employed social work at all level. The social work does a fantastic job by rescuing …show more content…

Lastly, they empower the client’s to regain their life.
A valuable learning experience I gained from this volunteer experience is to encourage women and children that are going through domestic violence and abuse. And also, advice them to step up and speak up. Do not wait till death to ask for help. For example; a lot of women have been killed as a result of staying in the abusive marriage, Instead of reporting to an agency that will rescue them on time. Three strengths I believed that I demonstrated in my experience are counseling. Some of the staff that works in the agency is women rescued from domestic violence and sexual assault. One- third of them opened up to me and

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