Forkid Interns Reflection

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I came into my internship at ForKids aware of some of the programs and resources they provide to the homeless community. What I really found helpful, and informative about my site, was when I attended a department meeting. I was able to meet the supervisors of the different locations of ForKids, from Suffolk to Norfolk. Attending this meeting gave me a better understanding of each individual’s role, and how the agency is run. I’ve already interned for a week, but the meeting made it more clear of the agency’s mission, and how they run their programs. The information I gathered in this meeting, made me more excited in getting involved. I was able to get a sense of the the staff, and their ambition to end homelessness. The staff was wonderful, and welcomed me with open arms to join their team. …show more content…

I was able to work with a couple of the children, which opened my eyes to the different children I will be helping, even though they all are experiencing homelessness. I worked with kids who are experiencing difficulties meeting grade level requirement, which I hope to make a difference at the end of my intern. This week I hope to get a better understanding on how I could help this student before they fall back any further. In hopes to help this student make it to the next grade, I will be asking my site supervisor advice on how I could make it possible. I believe this would be one of my goals before the end of the

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