National Honor Society Application Letter

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National Honor Society Application It is an honor to be selected as a candidate for the St. George’s National Honor Society. I have been working toward this opportunity for many years. I understand how many doors this will open for me by introducing me to better colleges, better jobs, and a better life. I believe I am fit for a position in this organization because I serve my community, exhibit leadership, and demonstrate outstanding character. My service hours will benefit my community and those around it. I plan on volunteering for many different organizations, that I am both currently working with, and plan to. For example, I participate in volunteer events for Special Olympic games, The Everett Theater, and St. Joseph’s Parish. By helping …show more content…

Previously, I traveled down to Delaware Technical Community College to attend a leadership conference involving The Special Olympics of Delaware. I have recently applied to attend this year's New Castle County Vo Tech's Unity Day with other high schools in the district, and another Fall Leadership Conference in Dover, Delaware. Currently, I am the Captain for St. George’s Junior Varsity Volleyball team. This leadership opportunity helps me take charge of my team and guide them to success in the sport. My knowledge from previously playing, and my responsibility on the court helped push me to this position. I am proud of this accomplishment and enjoy playing this role on my team very much. Within my two high school years I have found that I have a high work ethic and enthusiasm in my work. I am proud at where I stand in my classes with the high grades that I achieve. I have a 4.0 GPA and a clean disciplinary record. In the classroom I help my peers and encourage others. My responsibility and punctuality really shows through in my grades. Being accepted into the National Honor Society would be a big achievement and one of my proudest moments. The impact being apart of NHS leaves and the opportunities it brings is what I am most excited for. Volunteering for my community, sharing my leadership, and showing my superlative qualities prove me right for Honor

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