Dental Hygienist Career Interests Essay

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The career the most interests me is Dental Hygiene. After high school, I plan to attend a two year college studying Dental Hygiene. This career interests me the most because I work well with people and it does not require much schooling. I feel as if I would do very well as a Dental Hygienist because they have selective hours. Another reason this career interest me is that you can work up to make pretty good money for little hours that you would be working. I did some research on all jobs that deal with dental and strongly considered Dental Assisting. Considering, that I just would like to have the simpler job by just cleaning teeth, I chose Dental Hygiene. A dental hygienist is a protective oral health professional licensed to provide educational, clinical and healing services to the public. They apply sealant and clean teeth, take X-rays of patient’s teeth, and check for cavities. Then the Dentist comes in and checks that your evaluation is correct. A dental hygienist's primary duties are to care for patients using an individualized oral health routine. A Hygienist has special skills, equipment, and education that they are required to know. …show more content…

At a college level you must take an anatomy, physiology, nutrition, radiography, periodontology (gum disease) class. The degree that you can receive for Dental Hygiene is an Associate’s Degree. Training or skills that are required to learn are, being good with your hands. One must be capable of working in tight places, using precise tools. Another skill would be able to work closely with dentist and patients. Also, you have to be able to be bent or leaning over patients for long periods of

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