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Kids screaming, different tools and sharp objects all over the place, the kids are terrified. The job of a dental hygienist can be very frustrating but fun. When considering a career as a dental hygienist a person must carefully look into the responsibilities this will entail, the skills one must have to succeed, plus other important aspects such as working conditions, salary, and the future of the job as a dental hygienist; however, just as important is to best prepare oneself by attending Texas State Technical College in Harlingen Texas (TSTC). Dental hygienist are the people who clean teeth, examine patients for different diseases like gingivitis. They teach people how to take better care of their teeth to maintain good oral health. Dental hygienist need to have a variety of skills such as dental equipment knowledge, and aptitude of science, and good judgment and decision skills. Those are just a few of the many skills a dental hygienist will need. …show more content…

These degrees will help a dental hygienist in the long run. Bachelor and master degrees can help a dental hygienist qualify you for a job somewhere else than a dentist office, you can teach a class of students wanting to dental hygienist. Dental hygienist also need to pass their licensing exam to be a licensed dental hygienist. The degree field would have to be dental hygiene (education portal.com) About 70-90 students apply to be in the dental hygiene program at TSTC, but only 30 are accepted into the program each due to the score on their HOBET exam (www.tstc.edu). When students complete these examinations they are eligible for licensure. Most successful graduates from this program are hired immediately. TSTC doesn’t have the best graduation rate, but the students that do graduate are usually very successful in their careers. The graduation rate at TSTC is around 20%-30%. However the graduation rate for TSTC goes up every

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