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  • Importance Of Hygiene

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    5) Hygienist: This is a skilled person who is specialized in the promotion of clean and safe conditions for the preservation of health and wellness. Hygienist is simply a health expert who is skilled in the practice of hygiene. Significance: Hygiene is important because it does not only reduce the risk of infectious diseases, but promote and preserve health and increase self-confidence. Application in the real world: Sanitation is very important in the developing world. Billion people who lack adequate

  • Street Food Hygiene

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    affected by poor hand washing hygiene of the food handlers (street vendors), further relating to the fact that the food handlers may come in direct contact with the food by using their bare hands when handling the food, and also their low educational level which hinders them from the basic knowledge of proper personal hygiene which led to faecal contamination of drinking water, dish water and ice cube. A study by M.P. Azanza, C. Gatchalian, and M. Ortega,

  • Hand Hygiene Practices

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    Introduction Hand hygiene is the most important intervention in the prevention of cross-infection in healthcare setting (Ward, 2003), and great emphasis has been placed on ways to improve hand hygiene compliance by health care workers (HCWs). Despite increasing evidence that patients’ flora and the hospital environment are the primary source of many infections, little effort has been directed toward involving patients in their own hand hygiene. The role of the patient in ensuring those in

  • Personal Hygiene Nvq

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    Good personal hygiene is important in many ways as it promotes our appearance and good health. Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; these can be personal, social, for health reasons, psychological or simply as a way of life. Essentially, keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odours. Good personal hygiene makes a service user feel more comfortable since they are clean, and it increases the services user’s

  • Dental Hygiene Speeches

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    Title: 6 Oral Hygiene Myths Every Dentist Needs to Share with Patients Alternative Titles: Six Dental Myths Totally Debunked by Research 6 Dental Myths Debunked: Research Proves Otherwise 6 Dental Myths Debunked: #5 Will Really Shock You As dental professionals, we love your teeth. Seriously. Sometimes we even love your teeth more than you do! Which is why we are greatly concerned with the widespread disinformation leading many people into poor oral hygiene practices. Every single day, people

  • Persuasive Speech On Dental Hygiene

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    overall health. You’d be surprised how much it reveals about your well-being. But there are plenty of myths about dental health, as well. Think that tingly sensation from using Listerine is a sign it’s working? Or that bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene? Or that fluoride is bad for your health? Research suggests you could be wrong. Here are the 10 most common myths we encounter — and links to the studies where you can learn more. Myth #10: Beauty salons are a good choice for whitening your teeth

  • Oral Hygiene Research Paper

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    Emylee Symons Mrs. Kohntopp English 12-4A 25 September 2014 Oral Hygiene and Overall Health Dentists and dental hygienists are always telling people, “brush twice a day for two whole minutes and make sure to floss every now and then,” but who really listens to them? It can’t be that important right? Plus, who has time to brush their teeth for two whole minutes, especially on hectic mornings? And who flosses these days?—NO one. Well, maybe everyone would if they knew how important oral health really

  • Persuasive Speech About Dental Hygiene

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    Dental Hygiene Program Essay Introduction When you are young, you are asked: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Most children would reply by saying a superhero, a professional basketball player, a model, etc. My response was always, someone who can make a difference in an individual's life. Finding out how I was going to do that exactly was challenging until I reached my junior year in high school. I remember going to the Dental Office to get my regular cleaning and after watching my Dental

  • Dental Hygiene Case Study

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    INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION: 1.As you proceed through the head, neck and oral exam, the patient remarks that he has never had this done before and he wants to know why you are doing this because he came here to have his teeth cleaned. Provide an explanation for this procedure. Include a description of what you are doing, why and how it will impact the care you provide. I understand my patient’s concern of why I am doing this exam. And it is my responsibility to have the proper training and education

  • Essay On Foot Odor

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    You simply need to observe proper hygiene. Keep your feet, shoes and socks clean and dry. By doing this, there will be no room for the development of bacteria. Wash your feet, change socks regularly and make sure that you enough pair of shoes so that you can alternate them and keep them clean

  • Handwashing In The Workplace

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    lack of time have been considered and acknowledged, nevertheless the compliance is very poor (Randle J 2010). Research was conducted on two wards to see if patients and visitors carried out the hand hygiene procedure over a 24 h period. The results were outrageous, from a possibility of 823 hand hygiene opportunities 659 of HCW carried out the procedure, 75 for patients and 89 of all visitors. 659 of HCW who carried out the procedure 78% were allied health professionals, 59% ancillary nurse, 75% nurses

  • Ignaz Semmelweis Research Paper

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    hand hygiene in preventing person to person cross contamination. Semmelweis reduced mortality in the maternity ward to about 1% in 1861. Hospital acquired infections occur in 10% of US hospital patients and not only weighs on the mortality rate but also causes extra expenditure that can be quite substantial. While some nosocomial infections are harder to avoid, 10%-15% of these infections is said to be avoidable through proper hand hygiene. The question is no longer whether or not hand hygiene affects

  • Safe Working In The Health And Social Care Environment Essay

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    in the Health & Social Care setting you must first do a food hygiene course and they all come in different levels and categories, these are basic food hygiene to level 1 Food Safety, preparing drinks and snacks, for example, cups of tea, hot chocolate, making a sandwich or serving a piece of cake or fruit, Level 2 Food Hygiene, preparing and serving meals with hygiene training for those preparing and serving meals. And Level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate for supervisors. Your kitchen sink can contain

  • Parabens Informative Speech

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    Some of the newest beauty and hygiene products that are out on the market today now have labels that advertise that they are “paraben free.” This is supposed to be an effective way of encouraging customers to buy the lotions, shampoos, and soaps because they are healthier and safer for the environment. But since not everyone fully understands what parabens are, some may just choose less expensive items that are loaded with the ingredient instead. So to help, the following is a detailed explanation

  • Unit 27 D2

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    D2: Health, safety and hygiene regulations and their impact on food retailing. Health and safety laws An Act to make further provision for securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work, for protecting others against risks to health or safety in connection with the activities of persons at work, for controlling the keeping and use and preventing the unlawful acquisition, possession and use of dangerous substances, and for controlling certain emissions into the atmosphere. This act

  • Hand Washing Essay

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    personal hygiene for centuries and has been rooted in religious and cultural habits. The relation between hand washing and the transmission of disease was established only two centuries ago. This can be deemed as relatively early with respect to the discoveries of Pasteur and Lister that occurred decades later. In mid 1800’s Ignaz Semmelweis hypothesized that there was a relation of poor hand hygiene and transmission of nosocomial infections. Semmelweis is considered the father of hand hygiene. He recommended

  • Hand Washing Presentation Analysis

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    susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, gastrointestinal disorders, and more. Through proper hand washing techniques the chance for contracting such diseases can be greatly reduced. Health care workers and the public have three types of hand hygiene to choose from. The first being the cleaning of hands with plain non-medicated hand soap and water (social hand wash), the second is the use of medicated soap which contains antimicrobial ingredients (hygienic hand wash) and the third is antimicrobial

  • Explain The Principles Of Nutrition And Food Safety

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    Fluids and Nutrition Understand the Principles of Hydration, Nutrition and Food Safety 8.1 a Food safety, hygiene and sanitation is important in food handling. For instance, cleanliness of the environment, hands and body is necessary to ensure that there are no contamination and bacteria that can lead to more diseases. For example, throwing thrash in proper places reduces rats and flies in cooking area that can result in food bacteria and contamination. The hand washing, and using clean and well

  • Dental Hygienist Research Paper

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    people overall healthier. Dental hygiene, in my opinion, means making society a more efficient and healthier place. The ability to make society become a better place is the reason I want to become a dental hygienist. Being around others is one of the things being a dental hygienist means to me. I thoroughly enjoy being around and talking to other people. Therefore, I am sure I will need a career that allows me to have personal interaction with others. However, dental hygiene is also about being helpful

  • Hand Washing Research Paper

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    hands of patients, their attendant because they touch to every door and their patients without washing their hands. The hand hygiene (use of water free alcohol based hand rubs or hand washing with soap and water) considered as the most important action for preventing The health care associated infections (HAI) in Critical Care areas. According to How-to Guide: Improving Hand Hygiene, A Guide for Improving Practices among Health Care Workers: the 50% of health care workers washes their hand this rate is