Tone In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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In the book The Things They Carried by Tim o’Brien many war heroes don't always come back home the way they left. Throughout these stories readers can really see and understand what a few soldier encountered on the field. The author portrayed these through changes in tone. Three tones that are provided in the story are discouraged, miserable, and thankful. Being in the war can really change a person inside and out. Joining the war the war can be one of the scariest things to happen to someone and can be really discouraging. During war time getting drafted is a life changing thing. “ I remember a sound in my head. It wasn't thinking, just a silent howl.”(O'Brien, p.26) The author uses the metaphor “a silent howl” to show how fearful the narrator was feeling opening that letter. A certain choice of words can truly change what a person is feeling through a story. “Oh, Jesus,” he said, and moaned, and tried to slide …show more content…

In the book, the language used could really strike the reader and truly show the misery they experienced. “The morning was cold and wet. They had not slept during the night, not even for a few moments, and all three of them were feeling the tension as they moved across the field toward the river.”( O’Brien, p.105) The author uses imagery to show first hand what the soldiers encountered on that wet rainy day. The choices of words also connects the reader on a more personal level. “But you got to promise. Swear it to me—swear you won't kill me.” (O’Brien, p. 41) By using “swear” instead of promise it connects the reader to the panic that Rat was experiencing.when on combat nature could also be your worst enemy. “ The rain was the war and you had to fight it.”(O’Brien,p.104) The reader could sense not only the fighting struggle of the war, but also the things they couldn't control. No matter how the war went the soldiers were always thankful if they made it back

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