Im The King Of The Castle Analysis

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How does Hill create a powerfully dramatic sense of fear and tension in this extract? In Susan Hill 's book "I 'm the King of the Castle", some of the main themes are tension and fear. Hill uses many literary techniques to create a heinous and dramatic atmosphere (following the theme of gothic literature), while still keeping a sense of dark excitement. Kingshaw 's fears and feelings are conveyed using a selection of linguistic techniques, letting the reader see deep into his thoughts. One of the many good examples of this is in chapter 3, when Kingshaw attempts to find peace but instead finds danger and pain in the form of a crow attack. Hill uses sound imagery widely in this extract to help create a sense of fear and tension. From the crow 's wings "making a sound like flat leather pieces being slapped together" to "the silky sound of corn brushing against him", these descriptions make the piece more realistic and enable the reader to put themselves into Kingshaw 's shoes. Adding to the sense of panic, Kingshaw is repeatedly said to be "sobbing and panting" and "taking in deep, desperate breaths of air", which in a literal sense shows that he is afraid. Alliteration is also used with 'deep, desperate ' which in a way creates a heaving sound when read, tying into the idea of 'desperate '. Throughout this passage, the crow has a voice. It is said to caaw and screech multiple times, scaring and intimidating Kingshaw. Another description of sound is the “silky sound of

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