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Max Michael Brooks (born May 22, 1972) is an American horror author and screenwriter. He is the son of comedy filmmaker Mel Brooks and actress Anne Bancroft. Brooks is a television and voice-over actor.Brooks's writing focuses on zombie stories. The book covers many battles fought by the Hellfighters throughout there tour the largest battle that they fought was during Kaiserschlacht or The 1918 Spring Offensive. The French asked for people to volunteer to defend a purposely weak and undefended trench line. The African American 369th Infantry Regiment volunteered to defend the position. I believe that “The Harlem Hellfighters” was a great book that give a very accurate view of the war fought by the African American 369th Infantry Regiment. …show more content…

At the outset of the story African Americans flock to recruitment offices looking to prove there loyalty to America to there white center parts. The men are sent and trained at Camp Whitney. A handful of squads, one being directed by Sergeant MandLa are sent to aid the French on the western front of the war. Upon arrival the French ask for volunteers to defend a very susceptible trench line in the coming offensive. Sergeant MandLa and his squad volunteer to take on the task. MandLa and there men do this to show that they are loyal men willing to die for what the believe in. When the German offensive comes known as the “Kaiserschlacht Offensive” the Hellfighters defy all odds and beat back the overwhelming and better trained Germans. When the battered and bruised Hellfighters returned to base the French praised them for there sacrifice and success on the defense by presenting them with many medals and a …show more content…

For example, Lt. Adams was a combination of several black officers at the time.The role of a French officer took inspiration from an excerpt of From Harlem to the Rhine. Similarly, real-life members of the 369th were utilized in the novel's fictionalized retelling, among them James Europe, Henry Lincoln Johnson, Arthur Little, and Henri Gouraud. Another difference between the book and reality, is that while the Hellfighters did receive a parade in Paris and were adored and considered heroes by the French, they were not given many medals when they returned home to the United States, aside from a parade in New York City on February 17, 1919. In fact, a number of the 369th soldiers decided to stay in France after the war was over, rather than come back to a segregated America, where they would be expected to resume their place at the bottom of the social

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