What Really Happened To George Washington's War?

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6 months after they declared independance from Britian they are running low on artillery and and men. George Washington had once 6000 men and now had close to a little over 2000 men left. They are almost out of food and have nowhere to go. They are about to retreat from New York until they get intercepted by a squadron of British soldiers. They lose at least 10 men in the fight with only 3 British Soldiers killed. They retreat and form camp. George Washington writes a letter of a desperate plea for help to defend Pennsylvania to congress. The find a house and use it as their headquarters for now. They wait for 2 more of their armies. A unexpected surprise comes up. Britain has called back all of their 20000 soldier and have replaced them with about 1200 payed Hessian troops. …show more content…

George Washington realized if they don’t attack now they will be finished when the British come back for the winter they would cross the lake on the ice easy for them to get over to George Washington 's troops. The two armies arrive and the generals talk. General Gates disapproves George Washington 's plan and is throw outside and is forgotten about. They figure out they need to arrive there at 6:00 in the morning. At 8:00 AM they would take Trention. After Christmas Day the Hessian troops would be drunk and wouldn’t have enough time to form in their formations. They crossed the Delaware River and stayed in one spot for 3 hours and then they would go down a single road and split the fork and take the 1 ½ of an army down each road. the roads were River Road and Pennington. They arrived and charged into the city. The general was taken by surprise. He got ready and ordered his troops in formation but didn’t have enough time. The general was shot and killed. None of George Washington’s troops and over 30 Hessians were killed. But in the real battle there were over 60 troops killed in the battle of

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