Veterans Affairs PTSD

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Veterans Affairs PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the main leading cause for veterans to kill themselves everyday. American soldiers are coming home from the past wars of Vietnam and current wars of Iraq and Afghanistan there suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) which is on the rise of returning soldiers. First the effects on soldiers everyday life the hidden effects. Veterans suffering from ptsd/tbi are on part of that 1% that don’t get the help they deserve and killing themselves for no reason due to the fact they are denied help due to lack of funding. One way we know that everyday life of american soldiers are hiding their effects is not telling their families. The leading component of american soldiers hiding …show more content…

The bill that was supposed to be passed to help soldiers get more benefits was denied by us government and shoot down by 41 senators. The reason for that is because the seniors could not agree on how money should be spent on veterans a year. The government spent 3 billion dollars and they are not even sure if the effects are even helping the soldiers with the treatment that they are given. Ptsd is not taken taken seriously enough to tho very high and rapid growth in suicide rates. Which to current estimates is taking at least on average 22 soldiers a day in total 8008 a year due to the fact they can 't get the help or think the help won’t help them at …show more content…

Also important is the opposition argument is that they need to cut spending due to the soldiers not going to get the help they have been offered but they really don’t know about the help anyways because the VA keeps it hidden until it 's too late. Even if they get the help they are charged for it and then really expensive and the VA barely affords it. They cut the spending by 1.4 billion dollars from last year. Another one is that the Va veterans want their health care paid for in full. They also want every soldier to go with the VA so they don’t have to go to go through private insurance so they could be possibly denied from the care they need. They also would need to go to the va but most veterans don 't live close enough to one to get the help they need. In contrast to all the things that soldiers have gone through they need all the help they need and deserve it. They need to have unlimited money to give all the help to returning soldiers and past soldiers for the sacrifices they gave to this beautiful country. They also deserve to have all their bills paid for by the va and not charged for it because some can 't afford the bills they are given. The ultimate sacrifice they don 't need the burden of bill to stress them out even more to could lead them to hurting themselves

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