Argumentative Essay About Veterans Affairs

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A common view of politicians about Veterans Affairs and the money tied up in it is that the United States has put too much money into the well-being of veterans coming home from war. The United States is already in a spiralling debt crisis and currently the United States does not need any more debt on the shoulders of Americans. According to Forbes, “the federal government has accumulated $18.2 trillion of debt” (Patton). If the United States were to invest more money into Veteran Affairs, that would mean that money would have to be cut from other programs in the budget to prevent even more national debt. If money were to not be cut from other programs, the national debt would drastically increase or taxes would skyrocket. Not only that, …show more content…

However, the point they miss is that increasing funding to veterans affairs has been proven to actually help the United States economy. According to Facts on File, a congressional study on the GI Bill (AKA Serviceman’s Readjustment Act, Veterans Affairs benefits after WWII) was conducted and, “each dollar invested in the 1944 GI Bill contributed seven dollars to the U.S. economy” (Should Veterans). The GI Bill went into effect near the end of WWII and was designed to give veterans free education, free health care, and low interest home loans, as well as other benefits. The reason the GI Bill had the effects it did was because many veterans were allowed to get an education they usually couldn't afford, which increased the number of people who had the ability to hold a high paying job. Also, it gave veterans various financial benefits, such as free health care and low interest home loans. If a system like the GI Bill is put into full effect, as it was in 1944, the economy would not take a hit like many politicians say it would, it would actually help the economy. The points proven by the other side do bring up valid concerns, however, the possible backlashes of increasing funding to veterans affairs are trumped by the outcomes of increasing the funding to Veterans

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