Veteran Affairs

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. The Department of Veteran Affairs is a federal organization that provides a variety of services to veterans and

family members. The services consist of compensation and pension claims, education financial aid, loan guaranty,

burial assistance, and vocational rehabilitation. A budget of $70.2 billion was provided to the Department of

Veteran Affairs this year in discretionary funding, which consists of a 7.9 percent increase over the 2015 enacted

level. Also, $3.2 billion in estimated medical care collections, and $95.3 billion for mandatory benefits

programs. Each year, more than 6.3 million veterans turn to the Department of Veteran Affairs for care. It is the

organization 's duty to provide the best health care available …show more content…

The Department of Veteran Affairs operates the nation 's largest integrated health care system,

with more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, community living centers, domiciliary care, counseling centers, and other

facilities. Also, the department operates five districts and 56 regional benefits offices within the United …show more content…

The specialist provides consistent, updated

information in compliance with established Veteran Affairs policies and procedures. A Legal Administrative

Specialist is trained to analyze and to render the most appropriate course of action in resolving the needs of veterans and family members.

3. How can Veteran claim backlogs be eliminated while increasing the service quality?

4The Department of Veteran Affairs has a total of 345,655 claims pending decisions with 80,976 in the backlog

status (Detail Claim Data-Veteran Benefits Administration Reports, (2016). Processing times over 125 days for

veterans awaiting results for disability, compensation or pension claims is a major issue. Rapid, detailed

assessments, accurate decision making, and timely submission of applications are vital steps towards eliminating

claim backlogs. The risk could result in homelessness for veterans and family members. Improving the quality and

proficiency of the claim’s process will eventually provide the services needed to qualified veterans in an

expedient, accurate, and compassionate manner.

Detail Claim Data-Veteran Benefits Administration Reports, (2016, March 8). Retrieved March 18, 2016,

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