In Response To Executive Order 9056 By Dwight Okita

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In this essay we will attempt to explain what is an American. We will compare two different pieces of literature. We will analyze "In Response to Executive Order 9066" and "Mericans" to see how the authors define what it means to be an American. In my opinion cultural heritage and physical appearance do not determine what is an American. America is a melting pot. America is a land of immigrants. People come from all parts of the world to experience the American dream. These two pieces of literature are focused on Japanese Americans and Mexican Americans.

In the Poem which resembles a letter, In Response to Executive Order 9066 by Dwight Okita. The author is writing about a fourteen year old Japanese girl. The girl claims she prefers hot dogs over chopsticks. In my opinion this means the girl is more accustomed to eating like an American and not the traditional Japanese food which would normally be eaten with chopsticks. She also discusses how her and the white girl named Denise do similar things such as look at boys together. In this case Denise is accusing her of starting a war. It shows what the Americans thought of the Japanese. The Japanese girl is confused by the accusation. …show more content…

The entire piece of literature discusses the Mexican culture and religion that is being lived in America. It appears that the children who are being raised in America are losing their traditional Spanish language. In today's world in America many have lost the ability to speak their native tongue. As generation are spending more time in America and attending American schools where English is the instructional language, children begin to lose their language and assimilate to the American culture which includes the English

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