Descriptive Essay: Fireworks On The Fourth Of July

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On Fourth of July, my family and I were traveling back home from a softball tournament in Colorado, Springs. We decided to take a break from a long eight hour drive. We stayed at my aunt 's house in Utah. Since it was the Fourth of July and had nothing else to do I asked my aunt if we could do something we’ve never done before.
“ Tia, can we light up some fireworks tonight,” I asked.
“ Oh mija, that sounds like a great idea,” said my aunt.
My aunt and I drove off to find a firework stand near our location. Lucky for us we found one not even a mile away. I’ve never seen so many different kinds of fireworks before, just the ones they do in the Imperial Valley for the Fourth of July show. We ended up buying fireworks that change different colors …show more content…

Once we got everyone out we started to fire up the fireworks. We got so excited and so thoughtless that we lit up 3 types of fireworks at the same time. Without even thinking of others safety or what may or may not happen, an accident almost occurred. A person was driving by and ran over one of the fireworks. By a split second before she ran over the firework, it had already stopped popping. We got so lucky and scared that something bad could have happened.
Why do Americans celebrate the Fourth of July? Is it because they want to just light up fireworks and hang out with friends or family? No, it’s a celebration that Americans celebrate because it part of their American identity. What is an American identity? An American identity is what makes you or others American. For example, traditions or anything that has to do with people coming together as a community.
If you ask my generation of what it means to be an American, most of them will answer with “ living in America” or say sports is a huge part of being an American. They’re not wrong. Most immigrants come to America and call themselves American once they step foot on this land. While others will say that sports is an American

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