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Career Research Paper Hello today I will be talking about my career. Pediatrician are responsible for being a pediatrician will be taking care of newborn, and young adults that are their main task. I found my passion for becoming a pediatrician when we take my brother to the doctor so they check him if he’s sick or something else, I saw how they heard his heart looked at him to see what was wrong with him. Also, a pediatrician is not only an extremely important job, but a career that demands a wide variety of skills, and a lot of patience. Additionally, a pediatrician is a medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases. As a pediatrician some of the major work responsibilities include working with other patients’ parents or guardians, you have to do routine check-ups also, diagnosing, and treating children with a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. Other responsibilities that are important, but not often do the doctors see their pacientes, the emotional involvement in some of their lives and the pleasure that comes from the children that comes to the doctor and gets better throughout the year. Pediatricians’ pay varies state by state, but the starting salary in the General Hospitals is $145k per year. Each time you help some get better your payment increases a small amount, and those who have earned their …show more content…

With Betsy DeVos as the security of education and the introduction of schools vouchers it 's hard to say how that can affect public education. We Will always need pediatricians, that is certain, but what we will go through in the next four years will likely change the landscape of the pediatrician 's world forever. I really want to become a pediatrician because I can be around kids and also be socializing with the parents and kids. even if the world of Pediatricians shifts in the coming years, at least I know that will not

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