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Medical Field Careers Careers in the medical field vary widely and there is a high demand for health care jobs. Depending on your choice, you may spend as little as a few months or as many as 10 years or more in college to get into a medical-related job. With good education and a desire to help others, you can to start a rewarding career in any of these jobs. Find out more about medical field careers and see which one suits your interest. Part 1: Top 6 Ranking Medical Field Careers in 2015 1. Dentist Duty: Dentists are responsible for taking care of your oral health. These health care professionals belong to one of the best-paid medical field careers because of their expertise, especially in performing extensive procedures in the mouth. Salary …show more content…

They exercise critical-thinking and use math and statistical skills to analyze research findings. Median Salary: $66,000 Expected Job Openings: >14,000 Part 2: Qualities and Skills for Medical Field Careers Here are some of the skills and qualities you need to engage in medical field careers: • Be Compassionate. Patients often deal with physical as well as emotional difficulties, so you must be able to empathize with your patients, treat them in a kind, caring and gentle manner, and show an inspiring and reassuring behavior. • Be a Good Listener. You should be a good listener. Whether you are a doctor trying to obtain a medical history or a nurse observing a patient, you must be able to handle information without the need for patients to repeat themselves unnecessarily. • Be Outgoing. You must be able to work harmoniously with the different personalities, including patients, physicians, and other co-workers. • Be Adaptable. You must be able to adapt different roles ranging from assistant to medical and administrative duties. You must also be able to anticipate patients ' needs, but without becoming emotionally attached to patients. • Don’t be

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