Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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Are you interested in being a Registered Nurse? To become a Registered Nurse also known as RN it requires education, skills, and interest. For instance, an RN must be able to detect changes in symptoms, health, or pain. Furthermore, a Registered Nurse should have critical thinking skills, communication skills, and organization skills. Anyways, three colleges in San Diego are San Diego State University, School of Nursing, and San Diego City college. An RN that is more experienced has the potential for raises or promotions than a new RN. Every RN is paid differently based on their experience/education. Therefore, RN 's handle plenty of tasks and the majority of the registered nurses have a different education so each gets paid different amounts. The expertise of a Registered Nurse is defined by many areas. Specifically, every RN requires to have attention to detail because any mistake can be fatal. Additionally, being calm under pressure is another essential due to situations that are life/death. To elaborate, Registered Nurses need patience attributable to stressful circumstances. “Anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) must acquire the skills to recognize and manage a variety of acute intraoperative emergencies.” Nevertheless, these abilities become …show more content…

A promotion is an advancement of an employee within a job. Promotions are based on an employer 's superior accomplishment. For instance, 4 promotions from an RN are a psychiatric nurse, clinical nursing specialist, surgeon, and a supervisor. “However, the unit-based nurse manager’s close proximity to the work of patient care and day to day leadership intervenes in this transaction. This dual leadership influence raises questions organizational commitment and the role and placement of the leader.” In other words, the more experience, the more chance someone has to accomplish a raise on their job position. Therefore, an RN can attain a promotion by their achievement during

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