Becoming A Nurse Anesthetist Essay

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Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist
The history of nursing began in modern Europe where hospitals were beginning to be seen. Over the years, a woman named Florence Nightindale created nursing to be a lifetime profession. In result she established her own nursing school Nightingale Training School at St. Thomas ' Hospital which opened on July 9 1860 she began writing her own curriculums. Nightindale was known to be one of the most courageous women because of her service in the Crimean War, she trained the women who also volunteered. Furthermore, the profession of nursing grew which created many different types of nurses. A nurse anesthetist’s background began back during the Civil War because nurses began giving soldiers anesthesia to help stabilize their pain. It’s from this is that the specialty of anesthesia began. Which is why the profession of anesthesia is difficult to accomplish. Even after WW1, nurses started to show their true reason why they are needed in any operating room. Sister Mary Bernard one …show more content…

They must also know how the amount of anesthesia needed will affect the patient before and after and if something were to go wrong, they must act on their feet to try to do what they can to save the patient’s life. With their level of education, the level of responsibility rises and the pressure also builds. Not to mention that this helps build great personal skills that include communication, responsibility, loyalty and many more. By having these special skills; your future employers will know that that is the biggest difference between you and someone in the same profession which is what they’re looking

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