Choreography Essays

  • Choreography History

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    on during the construction of these dances? Choreography began around 6000 BC and it continues to change everyday. By looking at the history of choreography, choreographers that have shaped the dance world, and choreography as a job, we can better understand the art of dance. Choreography is what makes a dance have structure and uniform. The word choreography comes from the Greek root for ‘dance’ and ‘write’. During the 17th/18th century choreography meant the the written record of dance, but during

  • Sally Barnes Beliefs About Choreography And Choreographers Sally Barnes

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    Although I felt that Doris Humphrey book emphasized her thoughts about choreography and choreographers Sally Barnes seemed to compare various choreographers including Humphrey. A central theme that I found was “motivation for the movement”. Doris compared the differences between choreographers who created piece from their own ideas or dreams and independent choreographers who created work for money and fame. Her work in particular was sometimes influenced by architecture because she thought it was

  • Cannot Be Undone Analysis

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    The choreographies presented at the Cornish Dance Theater were very distinct from each other, though choreographers from both pieces put much effort on communicating devices to best deliver their intended-visions to the audiences. In MIXeD mEdia, the stage was decorated into a narrowed, light-colored setting in addition to the ballet performance, making the overall impression of the performance to be somewhat joyful and relaxing. Similarly, in Cannot Be Undone, the choreographer not only had music

  • La Sylphide: The Romantic Movement

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    It was made up of dancers from the French community who had been exiled from the Russian Revolution. Diaghilev and the composer Igor Stravinsky fused their talents to bring Russian folklore to "The Firebird" and "Petrushka" with choreography by Fokine. Another choreography by Diaghilev was given to Nijinsky. His first ballet piece was L'apres-midi d'un Faune with music by Debussy. The most controversial presentation of the Ballets Russes was "The Rite of Spri", choreographed by Nijinsky with music

  • Romeo And Juliet Dance Essay

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    one trio close on the heels of another. Collision feels inevitable” (Scherr). The dances which possess tension and chaos of the battle may be choreographed to include sharp, precise motions, strong, upright posture, or quick foot movements. The choreography of the dances is the most essential element of a production to create the action of a literature

  • Dance Analysis: Jellicle Cats

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    The dance piece “ Jellicle Cats”is an adaptation of the full dance piece from the musical “Cats”, which focuses on Jazz and acrobatic skills and techniques. Miss Johns has choreographed the dance piece, with the intention of making the year 9 dancers act like cats and showcase the free and unpredictable nature of cats. Each dancer is unique as they represent different types of cats, such as; grumpy cat, sassy cat and serious cat. The objects on the stage, aim to create an atmosphere of a dark ally

  • San Diego Dance History

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    The San Diego Ballet performed Romeo and Juliet at the Old Town Temecula Theatre on October the 25th. This dance company uses music from a famous composer Sergei Prokofiev and the choreography was done by Javier Velasco. Velasco explains that his focus was centered on the two young people in love, Romeo and Juliet. He wanted to give the audience a glimpse of the first sensation of one’s true love. It was decided by Javier Velasco to select a smaller cast of colorful characters that would help bring

  • Dance Theatre Analysis: Bangarra

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    The broken leg technique leg bent, foot flexed) is seen a lot in the choreography of this sequence. Ochres yellow dance sequence shows all 7 dancers staying very close to the ground, crawling and grabbing these movements effectively represent the role of the females in the culture which is predominantly as gatherers of food

  • Textual Analysis Of Water By Alvin Ailey

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    social media provides choreographers such as the opportunity to perform in Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself music video. Keone and Mari Madrid are a married duo who had the opportunity to star in Justin Bieber’s music video and have created many other choreographies independently published on YouTube. I plan to focus on one video in particular that is part of a three video series titled “Water”. My focus will be the gospel music that both Mari Madrid and Alvin Ailey used in their respective piece and how

  • Why Is Bob Fosse Important To Dance

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    most famous for his Broadway work, revolutionized the way dance in musicals was viewed around the world. His distinct and thought-provoking dance technique challenged the most advanced dancers and his work helped pave the way for musical theater choreography for the decades that followed his death. Fosse’s work depicted influences by major figures in dance: including Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, and Jerome Robbins. Robert Louis Fosse, born in Chicago, Illinois on June 23, 1927, started his dance career

  • Contemporary Dance: The Martha Graham Technique

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    across the world the Graham technique innovatively features the key principles of contraction and release of muscles, the pelvis centring the body and emotive intent behind movement. Martha Graham was additionally a pioneer in the field of dance choreography and performance

  • Falling Into Dance Concert Report

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    demonstrated both of these with its complex steps and facial energy. Although it demonstrated two important aspects of a performance, it could have used the space more. Staying in the same spots, made the piece feel impersonal and slightly robotic. The choreography of the dance was good, but I felt as though it was anticlimactic. The only real climax was when Ms. Mamala entered. However, everyone had a wonderful stage face and gave the dance a happy energetic feeling. I thought of it as a piece that showcased

  • Pre-Classical Court Dancing

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    some of south africas greatest teachers, including Frank Staff who she later married. She performed as a principle dancer at CAPAB, PACT and PACOFS. Her first choreography was called John the Baptist in 1972and became a resident choreographer for CAPAB in 1974 and has added over 40 ballets to the companies repertoire. Her choreographies are often a fusion of many art forms and diverse themes. She is considered to be one of the forerunners of Modern Classical Ballet in South Africa as she is inspired

  • Case Study: Pilobolus As A Modern Dance Company

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    The dance company fuses modern styles of dance with acrobatics (Strauss, Marc, and Myron Howard Nadel). The company’s choreography is characterized by seemingly unrealistic partnering and weight-sharing techniques that demonstrate the plasticity, strength and beauty of the human body. Its pieces are filled with clever visual illusions and humor. The company is also well known

  • Crunchy Granola Suite's Music Analysis

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    the entire mood simply by stylistically moving her arm, slowly. After she begins to move from her opening position, other dancers slowly come on either one by one, or in small groups. Each dancer has an eight count or two to showcase their given choreography. The mood is extremely dream sequence-like. Everything is moving really fluidly. The dancers movement quality is delicate and for the most part at a slower tempo. The movement is not the normal “Fosse style”. It consists of more tricks than normal

  • Judith Jamison: A Famous Ballet Dancer

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    whether money, publicity, or even hard work is. She has won many important awards such as the Kennedy centers honors, The BET honors award for education, New York state Governor’s art award, Prime Time Emmy Award and American Choreography Award for Outstanding Choreography in the PBS special A Hymn for Alvin Ailey, national medal of arts, and many more. Where is she now? Currently Jamison is retired from dancing but she still continues to make a huge impact on the world and dancing community. She

  • Petrushka Ballet Analysis

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    Known as one of the most popular of the Ballet Russes, the production Petrushka, choreographed by Michel Fokine with music composed by Igor Stravinsky, presents an unconventional approach to ballet in the early 1900’s. Fokine combined his ballet experience and knowledge of the dramatic arts to design a highly stimulating production that’s influence has allowed many dance academies to continually perform. The four scene ballet tells the story of love and jealousy between three puppets at a fair in

  • Doris Humphrey Essay

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    Topic (20-30 words; 10 point) What subject, dance, group, and/or practice is the author talking about? Doris Humphrey is discussing her perspective of the subject of choreographers and choreography. She is expressing her thoughts about choreographers and their dreams/influences as well as independent choreographers. Scope of the Topic (10-20 words; 10 point) What time period, cultural, geographical, or national context is the author discussing? Doris Humphrey is discussing an idea that she developed

  • The Importance Of Being A Pre-Professional Dancer

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    Vienna and danced professionally. I cannot imagine my life without the ballet and memories I’ve made from it. I learn choreography for performances by having it demonstrated to me, working with model I can follow and who will work with me at a comfortable pace. This makes learning choreography at my studio an excellent challenge for me, as the way the directors “teach” choreography is playing a video of the performance from a previous year. Additionally, the directors constantly changed my position

  • Revelations Alvin Ailey Analysis

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    Revelations by Alvin Ailey invites the audience on a journey of grief, reverence and celebration. Inspired by Ailey’s memories from his childhood, Alvin Ailey was born in 1931 to a large extended family, in a small town in Texas (Study Guide: Alvin Ailey, 2008). Upon his parent’s separation and financial difficulties he moved to LA with his mother, where he became introduced to dance and eventually became one of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century (Study Guide: Alvin Ailey, 2008)