Judith Jamison: A Famous Ballet Dancer

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Judith Jamison is a famous ballet dancer and a choreographer. She had also been in the movie “A tribute to Alvin Ailey” and wrote the book “Dancing spirit”. She had achieved many things in life and had many major awards. I had chosen Jamison because she has gone so far from where she has started when she was six. Also because she continues to inspire me and many other people.
Early life Judith Anna Jamison had been born on May 10, 1943 in Philadelphia. Jamison's parents enrolled her in the Judimar School of Dance, where she performed in her first dance recital at the age of six. She had studied ballet, tap, acrobatics, and jazz. First Jamison had enrolled at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, on a physical education scholarship. She didn’t feel that she belonged there so after three semesters she had transferred to the Philadelphia Dance Academy. There it had offered her many opportunities to be a dancer.
What makes her famous Jamison has done so much that makes her famous. The most important thing that makes her famous is of course is that she is a famous dancer and choreographer. She had joined Alvin Ailey’s dance theater in 1965 and became an international star. Ailey had created his …show more content…

When she joined Ailey’s dance company to when she became a choreographer. She had contributed so much to the AAADC by not only being a part of it but by giving to the company whether money, publicity, or even hard work is. She has won many important awards such as the Kennedy centers honors, The BET honors award for education, New York state Governor’s art award, Prime Time Emmy Award and American Choreography Award for Outstanding Choreography in the PBS special A Hymn for Alvin Ailey, national medal of arts, and many more.
Where is she now?
Currently Jamison is retired from dancing but she still continues to make a huge impact on the world and dancing community. She inspires many dancers of all

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