Katherine Johnson Character Traits

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Katherine Johnson NASA mathematician Intelligence, hard working, and fighter are three characteristics of Katherine Johnson. Many people know that Katherine Johnson was a huge help in the space race that sent John Glenn to space, but she was so much more. As a well known NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson showed America that African-American women could do the same as men could. She left a lasting legacy by helping other people that African-American women could be just like a man and have the same job as them. In her early life, she was influenced by her father when it came to learning. As a young girl, she had many childhood events and a great education that impacted her life. Born in White Sulphur, WV, she was like a walking and talking robot. Her parents were a huge contribution to her success. Her father wanted her to have such a good education that he moved to a different school. She was so advanced that she skipped classes and was only 10 by the time she was in high school. Little Katherine Johnson was said to be a “child prodigy” and …show more content…

The worst that she was treated, the more she wanted to change the system. Because Johnson used to work on the other side of the premises, there were no black bathrooms on the side she worked on. If she had to go to the bathroom, she had to walk a mile just to go and be back on time, even if it was raining. When she went to take her seat many walked away from her and wouldn’t sit around or by her. She wasn’t even allowed to do the things that the whites could. If she wanted coffee, or any snacks she had to get them somewhere else to get it and if she did the workers wouldn’t drink it. Mrs. Johnson was a very smart and known to be wise woman, but still had to retake a test to be allowed back in the company. If how she was treated there was bad, then you haven’t seen the worst of

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